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Terre Sisson of Charlottesville Wine & Culinary and Jim Winecoff of Mona Lisa Pasta have teamed up to bring community cooking classes to the Charlottesville area.

Come..learn..taste..enjoy yourself in a relaxed environment. Upon arrival you will be served a light appetizer to take the edge off your hunger. A light meal of all the savory preparations will be served along with a complimentary beverage.

Jim Winecoff and Terre Sisson present classes geared to the home chef who wants to enjoy cooking more. We focus on fine home cooking techniques and timesaving tips with a gourmet flair.

Call us now at 434-295-2494 to reserve your space.

Classes are held at Mona Lisa Pasta, 921 Preston Avenue.

A light meal of the prepared dishes is served along with a complimentary beverage.

Upcoming Classes | Mona Lisa Pasta


March 22, 2018    Thursday    7pm   $68   Participation


Terre's Chicken Cure-All

Bone Broth Beef Vegetable Soup

Carrot Ginger Soup

This class focuses on dishes that comfort and heal.  If you've ever wanted to make something for a friend or loved one who's a bit” under the weather” these recipes can help you show your love.  Or if you are wanting to add some more comfort dishes to your recipe box…

April 11, 2018    Wednesday    7pm   $68    Participation


Chicken Skewers / Spicy Peanut Sauce

Snapper, Shrimp & Leek Pot Pies

Dark Chocolate & Dulce de Leche Puddings

Chicken with a delish spicy peanut sauce is always going to bring a smile!  We'll make individual pot pies with a hot water crust seafood and leeks.  It's all about the individual – these delicious puddings are also made in single serving ramekins.

April 26, 2018    Thursday    7pm   $68    Participation


Italy's Piemontese Egg Pasta

Tejerin with Tomato Ragu

Agnolotti with Ricotta & Spinach / Sage Butter

In this very hands on class we'll make pasta in the classic Northern Italian manner, then create 2 traditional dishes with the pasta.  Tejerin is very thinly cut pasta ribbons usually served in a tomato ragu.  Agnolotti, a Northern Italian speciality is a hand pinched ravioli style filled pasta.

May 14, 2018   Monday    7pm   $68    Participation


Spinach Ricotta Dumplings / Tomato Salsa

Sesame Crusted Salmon / Pickled Diakon

Portuguese Custard Tarts with Raspberries

We'll learn to make fresh ricotta, and a delicious appetizer with the resulting cheese.  This salmon dish is quick to prepare and perfect for Spring.  Everyone loves these tarts that start with purchased puff pastry.


Call Jim at 434-295-2494 or email to monalisapasta@earthlink.net


Call Terre at 434-974-7444 or email to terre@wineandculinary.com


•  Classes will be held at Mona Lisa Pasta 921 Preston Avenue Charlottesville, VA

•  Class duration will be 2 to 3 hours.

•  Classes are light participation format unless otherwise noted.

•  Class reservations are accepted with full payment.

•  Credit card information is required for phone reservations.

•  Payment by check or cash can be made at Mona Lisa Pasta or via mail.

•  We reserve the right to cancel any class due to insufficient enrollment. We will notify you, then

    refund the fee or apply it to another class as you so choose.

Class cancellations must be made at least two days prior to the scheduled date to receive a

    refund of the class fee.

•  The focus of the classes will be home cooking with gourmet flair.

•  Topics will be geared to easily obtainable ingredients, techniques and tips for the home

    kitchen,  and professional presentation.

•  Preparations will be of a complexity that will be welcoming to cooks of all knowledge levels.

•  The community can look forward to special classes that feature guest chefs and food and wine


•  NEW- Dinner Parties in your home