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Many Charlottesville Wine & Culinary Events are Held at Picturesque and Interesting Wineries

Cooking Classes (see schedules below) - Winery kitchen cooking classes are scheduled regularly at       First Colony Winery in the rolling hills of the Virginia Piedmont.  Each class is designed to offer expertise with a different menu and set of cooking secrets that will lead you towards ever-greater confidence in home entertainment. These intimate participation style classes culminate with sitting down to our delicious lunch or dinner, paired with the delightful offerings of the winery’s cellar. The camaraderie is effusive as we converse with the vintner while enjoying his and our creations.                           

Gift certificates are always available.

Special Events with a Class Motif provide an opportunity for the creation of an active, entertaining, and memorable occasion to celebrate your special event. Wedding Events - let the girls get away to have some fun (what the heck, bring along the boys, they may not always admit it but they have fun cooking too!)

Corporate Team Building - Seeing your coworkers (yes, the bosses are included!) wearing aprons and up to their elbows in culinary creation (followed with great food and wine indulgence) can’t help but to raise the morale!

Parties Too Large for the Home - What a great way to enjoy a larger group of your friends!  The romance and mystique of a winery joined with the fun and excitement of great food and wine make for an activity that everyone will enjoy. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Gift Certificates Available

Charlottesville Wine & Culinary  434-974-7444


Upcoming Classes | First Colony Winery

FALL 2018

October 7, 2018   Sunday    11am-2pm   $68   Light Participation


Butternut Squash & Caramelized Onion Galette

Chicken & White Bean Pot Pies

Coffee Custards

We'll make a pastry crust that we can use for 2 purposes with entirely different presentations.  The galette free-form tart is rustic and delicious while the pot pies have an elegant appearance with a drape of pastry. The intense coffee flavor and silky creaminess of the custards is a perfect ending for any Fall meal.

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December 2, 2018    Sunday    11am-2pm   $68   Light Participation

FALL FLAVORS         New Date - Original Date November 4

Cauliflower Steaks with Caponata

Pork & Butter Bean Stew / Honeyed Corn Sticks

Polish Apple Walnut Cake

Roasted cauliflower steaks are topped with a highly flavored caponata.  We'll combine pork rib meat with large butter beans, spinach, and wine to make a fantastic stew.  The flavors of apples and walnuts make for a wonderful cake that doesn't need icing, although a scoop of ice cream…

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November 10, 2018   7pm-10pm

An intimate four course wine-paired dinner party hosted by

Winemaker Gavin Baum

Chef Terre Sisson

Limited Tickets Available / One Hundred Dollars per Guest

Passed Appetizers

Butternut Bisque / Creme fraiche

Asiago & Olive Crostini

Frizzled Scallion Arugula Speck

2017 Reisling reserve


Salad of Roasted Beets, Hazelnuts, Chevre Mousse

2015 Chardonnay Estate Reserve

Palate Cleanser

Grapefruit Sorbet


Crispy Slow Braised Beef / Pomegranate Meritage Sauce

Rosemary Ricotta Gnocchi

Warm Brussels & Leek Slaw, Lardons, Pecans

2016 Meritage


Ginger Creme Brulee / Gingersnap Sail


To make reservations, please call the Winery 434-979-7105 or Terre 434-974-7444

Winery is located just off route 20 (Scottsville Rd)- ten miles south of Charlottesville